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Discover the fun in learning through play! We carry of huge selection of educational gifts and resources!

Giving every child a solid start in life is our main goal. Whether it be through formal education or just plain old fashioned play, we strive to offer the tools to accomplish this. When giving gifts, we realize that every child is  unique in their learning styles and personal tastes, and so we cater suggestions to each individual's specific needs and/or interests. 

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Our easy store layout and color-coded sections make it fun and easy to find what you are looking for!

Visit our store and you will find that most of our product areas are color coded by either age or theme. For instance, walk into our green-walled section and you discover aisles full of science and nature themed books and gifts. Our blue-walled area includes most of our children's books, along with plush animals and music instruments. We also have an orange-walled area for games, puzzles, and preschool aged toys. Furthermore, each area is even further subdivided by product topics such as: chemistry, dinosaurs, astronomy, human body, animals, rocks and minerals, etc. Everything in the store is very well organized so that you can easily find exactly what you are looking for. Stop in this holiday season and let us "wow" you with our selection and customer service!

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